Stevia First Corp. (SF Corp.) recently announced plans to accelerate commercialization of its stevia business through planned construction of the first dedicated U.S. stevia processing facilities in North America.  This food-grade production facility will provide more than 150 tons of annual capacity for stevia leaf extraction in California.



U.S. stevia leaf and extract production is intended to make stevia production more reliable and cost effective, helping to meet surging demand for this ingredient from multinational food and beverage companies that face a public health backlash against sugar-loaded foods and beverages.  Stevia is a zero-calorie natural sweetener that has already been approved for use as a food additive and in most countries around the world, and that is transforming food and nutrition in the U.S.

Operating 300 days per year and producing 150 metric tons of stevia extract, the scalable four acre facility would include:

  • Dried stevia leaf and production material storage: 18,000 sqft
  • Primary Extraction and purification workshop with finished products packing space: 13,500 sqft
  • Finished Product Storage warehouse: 4,500 sqft
  • Auxiliary Facilities (related to utilities and storage): 10,000 sqft


Stevia First Corp. is a publicly-traded company | OTC: STVF
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