Stevia First Corp. is a mission-oriented group, focused on reinventing human nutrition.  We are dedicated to solving the challenges that currently plague the food and nutrition industries, and our collective public health.

In response to the needs of America’s food and beverage companies, Stevia First Corp. is developing a steady supply of a natural stevia to help reduce the calorie content of today’s sugar loaded beverages.  We are also commercializing a novel stevia bio-processing technique that could more than double global stevia output, and pioneering modern agricultural techniques for this crop that could reduce cost and make production far more reliable.

We’ve recently been able to leverage this technology into an exclusive commercial partnership which could soon make us one of the largest high-purity, low cost stevia suppliers in the world.  This means we’re on the verge of a achieving a profound goal for public health as well: reducing sugar consumption on a massive scale

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