Why Start With Stevia

In 2012, Stevia First Corp. launched with a mission to provide increased global supply of stevia, a healthy mainstream sugar alternative that has zero calories.  Stevia was pioneered in the U.S. by major food, beverage, and ingredient companies in part due to our twin diabetes and obesity epidemics, and the public health backlash against sugar and caloric sweeteners like HFCS.

Now we are calling upon you to join our mission and help us take the next step towards our solution for sugar and calorie reduction… Help us spread the unambiguous message that simple dietary changes like switching from caloric sweeteners to products sweetened by high-potency sweeteners like stevia can have a transformative effect on your health.


Take the #StartWithStevia Pledge

Reduce your sugar intake and live a healthier, longer life.

“I hereby take the pledge to recognize that sugar and calorie reduction is a major health priority in the United States and will actively find ways to reduce my personal sugar and calorie intake as well as promote awareness of the #StartwithStevia pillars within my community.”

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Coming Soon to a City and Stadium Near You!

We are forming the #StartwithStevia campaign and coalition to raise awareness not only for stevia, but for other simple lifestyle and nutritional changes that could have life-long benefits, and help stem our diabetes and obesity epidemics.  The campaign will match the goals of the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce sugar intake to under 10% of total energy intake. It also aligns with the efforts of the Clinton Global Initiative to reduce calories within beverages.

Athletes, executives, and government officials are teaming up to promote healthier lifestyle choices in our communities. Together we will pledge to #StartwithStevia, reduce sugar intake, and prevent obesity and diabetes across the U.S.

#StartWithStevia Community Pillars:

      1. Sugar Reduction

        Reducing sugar and calorie intake through zero-calorie, high-potency sweeteners like stevia is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to improve your diet.

      2. Transformation

        Transformation is inevitable for both individuals and large organizations, and it is necessary to reach the goal of lower obesity and diabetes rates in the United States.  It is a challenge and an opportunity for all of us.

      3. Healthy Eating

        Diet is one the most important aspects of healthy living.  We are committed to promoting awareness of healthy eating habits, providing reliable nutritional advice that reaches every community across America.

      4. Individual Empowerment

        Being yourself and thinking for yourself is key to controlling your diet and personal health. We encourage community members to be aware of their environment and the influences that shape their consumption habits.

      5. Taking Action

        Everyone can take action in their own lives, as well as participate in community initiatives to broadly promote these simple steps that can lower of obesity and diabetes in the United States.