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Our Story

We are an agricultural biotechnology company focused initially on stevia.  Our strategy is to become a premier global supplier of stevia through using proprietary fermentation methods combined with modern U.S. agricultural innovations.

Initially, we plan to commercialize a low-cost Reb A stevia product that uses fermentation-based production methods, which have the potential to greatly diminish the need for stevia leaf production.  Next, as part of the our "Beyond Reb A" program, we aim to create a reliable supply chain of next-generation stevia sweeteners such as Reb D and Reb X.  These rare natural products have even more desirable sweetener properties than Reb A and therefore may help to further displace sugar and artificial sweeteners.    

Our research and development focuses on high-value targets critical to modern stevia production, including intellectual property related to fermentation-based stevia production methods.  We also are involved with selection and breeding of advanced varieties of the stevia plant, local organic stevia leaf cultivation to catalyze growth of the California stevia industry, and methods for domestic stevia leaf extraction and processing.    

Our ultimate goal is to have our stevia become a globally accessible, affordable and sustainable alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners that will improve health – and do so in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Stevia First is ultimately in the business of cultivating health.





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