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Our Story


In 2011, Stevia First Corp. was launched with a mission to provide a healthy mainstream solution for our twin diabetes and obesity epidemics.   We realized that a powerful way to do this was to end our addiction to sugar, and so we enlisted the help of some of California’s brightest scientists and agronomists, and put into action a plan to rapidly increase the global supply of stevia – the perfect natural sweetener: the holy grail of sweeteners.

Now, with most full time staff located at the company’s R&D campus in Yuba City, California, the company has grown to include more than 20 researchers and technical experts, including ones spread across the world.  We are a mission-oriented group, focused on reinventing human nutrition, and we are dedicated to solving the challenges that currently plague the food and nutrition industries, and our collective public health.  


Food and beverage companies had been crying out for a steady supply of a natural sugar alternative and by 2014 we have developed compelling solutions for this stevia supply problem.  We have developed and are commercializing a novel stevia bioprocessing technique that could more than double global stevia output, and pioneering modern agricultural techniques for this crop that could reduce cost and make production far more reliable. 

We’ve also recently been able to leverage this technology into an exclusive commercial deal which could soon make us one of the largest high-purity, low cost stevia suppliers in the world.  This means we’re on the verge of a achieving a profound goal for public health as well: reducing sugar consumption on a massive scale.   

The Future

Leveraging the processes the company developed in its work with stevia, our team is also actively exploring links between human health and longevity.  In particular, we’re pursuing “geroprotectors”, which have known effects on lifespan, and that could prevent or even reverse metabolic disorder, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.    Our R&D team includes bioinformatics specialists, i.e. people that understand software, medicine, and statistics, and who are developing an “AI Scientist” discovery platform to help make the process more efficient and automated.  We are initially commercializing nutraceutical products from this program, which can be derived from plant products and can be quickly commercialized as affordable functional food ingredients. 





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